Hi there ! I’m Jamie Hunt. Thanks for peeking around here today.

I’m a mom, a wife, a writer, a speaker, and an educator. I’m passionate about helping ambitious women not only work toward their vision, dreams and goals, but most importantly, enjoy the path to get there. There is no reason to save up our excitement and happiness for a handful of moments in the future. Our life is TODAY!

I’m a professional optimist and free spirit, but I also have had my personal struggles with not feeling ‘enough’ and waiting for the next thing, accomplishment or person to make me feel complete again.

The result was anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and exhaustion, which in the past I loved to blame on other people and circumstances.

However, a huge weight was lifted, when I finally took control of my life. I’ve learned that I am the boss in my life and I have choices!

Takeaway: We are responsible for our own happiness. We are responsible for our journey.

With eight years of experience in healthcare (Intensive Care Unit), I have gained perspective. People close to me know I am not afraid to talk about death. It’s inevitable and guaranteed. This life is not worth wasting, struggling, blaming, and making excuses.

We are all here for a reason. I want you to show up as the unique, authentic and beautiful person you are. LIVE YOUR TRUTH!!

If you are interested to know more about my soul…


I love coffee and reheat it about five times every morning. I love quiet time and alone time which can be a challenging with a three and five year old in the house.

I grew up in Cumberland, WI population: 2,170 and home of the Rutabaga festival, which to this day is still my favorite party.

I love eating healthy #greendrinks, but I’m all about balance (can we please find a different word for this!! open to suggestions). I love adult beverages: whiskey (basil haden), wine (sav blanc, cab sav). I’m a cheese freak (duh WI).

Love my tea time every night before bed.

I love reading historical fiction, but equally obsessed with self-help, spiritual books.

Similar to a hyper dog, physical activity is a non-negotiable. I love yoga, dancing, walks, biking and occasional runs are my go to. I’m married to my best friend, a nerdy engineer, ultimate frisbee player who I met on a blind date.

Writing is a my outlet and I do it everyday.