Live Your Truth

A workshop with Jamie Hunt

Expectations, definitions, labels, advice, and influence can leave many of us feeling confused, overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious. Are you passionate about owning your life, and creating a life you love? Then this workshop is for you!

Live Your Truth is a workshop that is all about uncovering what’s important to you so that you can live a life that is aligned with your unique values and visions. The result is, clarity, intention, and most importantly, energy and time for the things that really matter to you in your life. Ready to kick overwhelm, exhaustion, and distractions to the curb? Get clear on your vision and learn to enjoy the path to your dreams and goals today.


“I’m on a mission to change the way people think about life. Your life is yours to live. Own it! Reaching your goals is not only possible, but enjoying your path to your dreams can be your reality.”


  • A two hour in-person workshop


  • Ambitious women striving to live ‘the good life.’

  • Women who are NOT willing to settle for mediocrity


  • Decrease overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety

  • Gain clarity on your individual path to your dreams, goals and visions.

  • Uncover what truly excites you

  • Learn how to sift through and/or ignore expectations, surroundings, influence, social media and advice.

  • Identify what may be ‘blocking’ you from living a life you love.

  • Prioritize where your energy is going.


  • Information and tools to overcome overwhelm exhaustion, guilt, fear, anxiety and generalized stress

  • Individualized information that will guide decisions

  • Freedom to show up as your best self

  • Motivation to work towards your goals and dreams

  • A new way to think about your life

  • Confidence, clarity, purpose


Living your truth is a two hour in person workshop for ambitious women who are not willing to settle. Do you have goals, dreams, and visions for yourself? The drive to succeed and better our life can come with its own stresses. Overwhelm, exhaustion, guilt, and fear, not only prevent us from showing up as our best, but can make the journey to our dreams, visions, and goals, less than enjoyable.

It starts with knowing who you are.

What is important to you? How do you make choices? How do you stay in your lane?  

When we get caught up in what is going on around us, what other people have, what other people do, and what other people find important, it’s easy to start questioning our own lives.

“Am I doing enough?” “Should I be doing that too?” 

Expectations, surroundings, influence, social media and advice can be distracting.

We want the best for ourselves, we want the best for our loved ones, and we want the best for our passions. But what does the best even mean? This will look different from person to person. 

What are your visions, goals, and dreams for your life?

Whether you want to focus on your physical health, your mental health, your career, your business, your relationships, your creativity, or other passions, knowing who you are and identifying your truth can easily make these goals and dreams a reality.

This workshop can be intense and challenging at times.

It is not about tips, tricks or systems. Instead we uncover what is important to you in order to create more meaning and intention in your life.

My goal is to teach you how to think about life differently and help you identify your unique path to your dreams and visions in life.

This workshop is the foundation to designing the life you want and becoming the person you want to be.

When you are finished with this workshop you will walk away with individualized information you can use to guide your decisions, as well as, navigate changes and challenges that come your way.

Actual feedback from (anonymous) post workshop survey

“Life changing!”

“This workshop changed the way I think about my business and my life”

"It was extremely valuable and helped me to identify why I sometimes feel off...seeing how sometimes I don't live 'my truth' was very eye opening"

After a Live Your Truth workshop. Energy and smiles, yes please!

After a Live Your Truth workshop. Energy and smiles, yes please!

This is an interactive workshop, where questions, discussions, and real life happens.

This workshop includes workbook and access to private facebook group.

Next workshop TBD